婚礼多戏剧 Scenes from a Gay Marriage (2012)[3.01G][iTunes Movies 1080P HD][百度盘]

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类型: 同性 喜剧 
地区: 美国 
年代: 2010年代


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cover.jpg $ W" j) c& H* `  F0 t3 \1 ^

3 J7 r; L. k4 \导演: 马特·莱道胡沃) g4 f' B2 h- E$ D
编剧: 马特·莱道胡沃
6 ^0 U6 N/ R, o+ h( \2 Y( Y主演: Jared Allman / 马特·莱道胡沃 / Thashana McQuiston / Carson Nicely
1 X3 v! G# T. U& p类型: 喜剧 / 同性
; v5 v& c. X/ m: c, C+ D制片国家/地区: 美国' j3 k  Q4 A- z
语言: 英语8 M8 }& |& v) D) `6 J; a2 z
片长: 83分钟
0 e2 t$ h/ T. wIMDb链接: tt2011223
6 R0 @5 X/ g+ k, R' B. L+ Y: \, K" _3 _0 V4 m

7 \" y0 W& P1 a1 y+ C婚礼多戏剧的剧情简介 · · · · · ·
6 N$ e  |5 e& `7 [1 v# {* ^+ b  Darren can't sleep because of the happily married gay couple upstairs. He can hear them having sex through his apartment's air ducts.Like, a lot of sex, every night. He tries to ignore it at first, but soon becomes obsessed with the suspicion that one of them is havingan affair. Thus begins Darren's quest for the truth by surveying, snooping and basically stalking them. His ex-boyfriend and gal pal both think he's going a little nuts. But thank goodness Darren's handsome maintenance man hasn't caught on... yet.
. a! a; @1 D0 d5 j  u3 f0 E
1 z+ Q5 }6 ~+ S( i/ K/ ]. B  K! y8 x# a2 S9 W! Q0 d% o- B) {) ^) u
0 V$ l/ q* t6 K6 m+ L7 |

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