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Head in the Clouds.jpg

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7月20日,88rising首张厂牌全明星阵容合辑《Head In The Clouds》正式发布,这是一场真正属于亚洲青年音乐人的夏日狂欢。
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88rising家族旗下的亚洲最具开创性音乐创作者们——Rich Brian,Joji,Higher Brothers,NIKI,AUGUST08和Keith Ape汇聚在一起,邀请他们的音乐好友——03 Greedo,Yung Bans,Playboi Carti,BlocBoy JB,Famous Dex等,将音乐集体创作变成现实。就像Rich Brian所说:“我们想创造一个永恒的唱片,一个真正专属于夏天的唱片!” 来自不同文化背景和地区的音乐聚在一起,将不同音乐创作理念和艺术观点互相冲击、融合,冲破地域和文化的壁垒,迸发出极大的青春能量。像Joji所说“《Head In The Clouds》就是疯狂的人聚集在一起,创造更疯狂的东西。”
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发布夏日合辑并不是88rising今夏唯一的团体活动,作为专注搭建东西方青年文化桥梁的开拓性音乐和艺术团体,88rising还将在9月的洛杉矶举办首场音乐节“Head in the Clouds”,同时开启多伦多、纽约、芝加哥、亚特兰大、旧金山等16城巡回演出。这个夏天,和88rising的年轻音乐人们一起制造美好回忆,度过一个真正的疯狂夏日。
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88rising, the pioneering music and arts collective, have released their long awaited crew LP “Head In The Clouds” to come July 20th. While all 88 artists have excelled in their solo careers they’ve always operated with a crew mentality and it’s with this al-bum that they were able to bring that to life. Featuring the whole crew (Rich Brian, Joji, Higher Brothers, NIKI, AUGUST08 and Keith Ape) the LP also features friends 03 Greedo, Yung Bans, Playboi Carti, BlocBoy JB, Famous Dex among others (full tracklist-ing below). The LP is the next step in the evolution of the already massively successful and respected artist collective. With features in The New Yorker, Pitchfork, Forbes, etc… 88rising have been steadily making a name for themselves as having the most groundbreaking artists from Asia bridging Eastern and Western youth culture.

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The LP isn’t the only group activity 88rising is partaking in this summer/fall. You can see them all together September 22nd for their first-ever music festival at the Los Angeles State Historic Park with performances from Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers and special guest performances from Zion.T, Yung Bans, Yung Pinch, LAFF TRAXX (Toro Y Moi & Nosaj Thing) (Los Angeles debut), KOHH (USA debut), Sen Morimoto and more. If you can’t catch 88 in LA you might be able to see them on their upcoming 16-city tour kicking off September 28 in Philadelphia, PA making stops in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and more before wrapping October 31 in San Francisco, CA.

  ]0 \1 k2 V, f" |. M6 a& y" r3 q1 U
& [6 U! l; g. T4 _' K7 F  n4 b7 l; ^; V. K0 U/ s* {8 Q: U! p
1 u& _, ]- J! j. ^; N! q9 R) n) W
88rising, Joji & NIKI - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #01] La Cienega
& m  u& L0 S: H$ S* B- h& U1 a( }
88rising, Rich Brian, Yung Bans, Yung Pinch, Higher Brothers & Don Krez - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #02] Red Rubies
! g# n  P+ O$ s0 \# u% h: a
88rising, Higher Brothers & 03 Greedo - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #03] Swimming Pool
4 W; }& S1 K0 ]
88rising, Joji & BlocBoy JB - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #04] Peach Jam

  D: Z- p6 F* r5 L8 f! }/ k6 B
88rising - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #05] Midsummer Madness (feat. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers & AUGUST 08)

* L1 P) x+ k8 H# Q0 O4 }% M0 d
88rising, NIKI & Vory - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #06] Plans

! J$ Q2 n/ [2 o: A. I
88rising & Rich Brian - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #07] History
2 H6 N. r$ G1 E! s2 E7 I- W
88rising, Phum Viphurit & Higher Brothers - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #08] Lover Boy 88

  d. V$ e0 f+ |  t- H9 j$ r: e
88rising, AUGUST 08 & NIKI - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #09] Poolside Manor

( ?0 S) R6 w, T& f+ h
88rising & Rich Brian - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #10] Beam (feat. Playboi Carti)
+ C5 a0 y9 L- w$ y8 C2 b8 M9 b% S
88rising, Higher Brothers & BlocBoy JB - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #11] Let It Go
4 ?" F6 B) s7 J0 C
88rising, Rich Brian & AUGUST 08 - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #12] Disrespectin
4 |$ f, K% w7 O( a) U
88rising & NIKI - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #13] Warpaint

1 ^5 C. q0 n  r7 X% R
88rising, AUGUST 08 & NIKI - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #14] I Want In
8 F7 I) r. A; d- b( V# F  r, p
88rising, Famous Dex, Keith Ape & Verbal - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #15] Japan 88

* b, Q7 O- K+ A1 b% L
88rising, Higher Brothers & GoldLink - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #16] Nothing Wrong

/ T) H9 W; M1 y0 b/ x! n- |
88rising & Joji - [Head in the Clouds CD1 #17] Head in the Clouds
+ z7 V) ~( y% p- Q
. C$ U5 ^+ x: X% b5 ], k& e; {

  N( @7 R( p$ [" D, t
, M0 [  M5 i5 z$ a; K$ U

- D4 |& W7 A/ I/ k. Q
+ M6 D) ]% K' X0 |9 Z; b5 ^/ K( ^! E( u7 }$ t
2 O4 w2 F' [' |0 F4 p# Z

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